Dynamics 365

Release date:February 2, 2016
Last updated:July 7, 2017
Current version:7.0.525.0
Product type:connector
File format:.zip
File size:9.42MB
Requirements:Dynamics 365
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  • fixes to WixInstaller and Merchant Properties
Note: There is a Hotfix is for clients using Accounts Receivable & Call Center with Chase Paymentech as a payment processor. Hotfix

  • change WebService URL for dev and production environments.
  • changes to Registration Service URL for V2 environments.
  • changes to WixInstaller for AX Server destinations.
Build: v7.6.2.2008
  • Fix for CardTokenTenderAmount
  • Fix for UPOS Signature.
  • Signature reverted to BMP.
  • fix for event log messages
  • Fix for Accounts Receivable
  • Fix for Auth, Capture, Void, & Refund (sequencing)
  • Fix for GatewayURL
  • Fix for Debugging output of Config Settings.
  • This build sends the SignatureData into the SignatureEventArgs and then fires the event.
  • Fix for CashbackAmount
  • Fix for Customer Order Fulfillment
  • Fix for MPOS cancellations on the Device
  • This release includes a new version of the SystemTrayApp.exe.
  • Fix for VX Device Receipts.
  • Private Label implemented
  • Fix for EPOS --> Voice Auth.
  • Fix for Device Disconnections
  • Added merchant properties.
  • Many \"unused\" references were removed from this build.
  • AX2012 Merger
  • Fix for CaptureBehavior
- Initial Release Known Issues: Accounts Receivable, Call Center, Customer Orders, Card Tokens, UPOS Signature.