Connector FAQ

This article will describe basic troubleshooting steps for the Verifone Connector.

Verifone Connector

Q: I have installed the Verifone Connector, but it is not being detected in the Hardware Profile of my AX Headquarters.

A: This typically occurs when either a Microsoft patch has not been applied or DLL’s have been placed in incorrect folder locations. Review the requirements for the AX Headquarters and ensure all patches have been applied. Also, if you haven’t changed the default locations of your AX Headquarters installation, the installer for AX2012 automatically places DLL’s in the correct location. (For Dynamics365, click here. )

Q: How can I determine which version of the connector is installed.

A: To determine which version of the connector is installed, browse to “Programs and Features” in your Control Panel and locate “Verifone”. Once highlighted, you’ll see “Product Version” along the bottom of the window, as well as other program details.

Q: I’ve paired with my device successfully, but nothing happens on the device during transactions.

A: This can occur when DLL’s have been placed incorrectly on either the Retail Server or POS. This can also occur because the POS caches devices paired. Verify the locations of your DLL’s, reset all services using the “System Tray”, and check the security permissions for C:\ProgramData\Verifone.

Q: I am unable to pair with my device.

A: This is typically a network or security permissions issue. Restart your device and verify the network configuration and IP address.